Cashier Station

Cashier Station Specifications and Functions

The System One Cashier station is a PC based tool developed to provide direct input of Cashier Transactions and Records into the main System One processing PC. The unit has been designed to have as small a footprint as possible so as there is as little intrusion as possible on Cashier working space.


The Cashier Station software provides the following functionality:

Input functions:

  • Opening Float
  • Book Pays / Cash Tickets / TITO
  • Hopper Refills (incl. Cashier name and Floor Person name)
  • Cheques issued (incl. Cheque number for cross referencing cheque re-imbursements
  • Short Pays
  • Float Adjustments (+ / -) (incl. Transfer of cash between shifts)
  • Closing Cash Listing
  • Drop safe banking

Output functions:

  • printed Cashier Balancing Listing.
  • printed Book Pay / Cash Ticket detail listing.
  • printed Hopper Refill detail listing.
  • direct processing of  Book Pays / Cash Tickets to System One.
  • direct processing of Hopper Refills to System One.
  • direct processing of Cashier Balancing Sheets to System One.
  • real time calculation of Cashier Float for management info.


Multiple Cashiers

Any number of Cashiers can be open on the Cashier Station at any time with all transactions logged to the appropriate Cashier.


Password Control

Using password control, a Cashier may log off the Station at any time and once logged off no transactions can be recorded against that Cashier until such time as the Cashier logs back on, again using password control. The password is the same as that used by or allocated to the Cashier in System One.


Direct Network to System One  Management PC

The Cashier Station is networked directly to the System One  Management PC. This networking provides for the following additional functionality:

  • monitoring of Cashier transactions and cash holdings at the management terminal.
  • direct input of Book Pays / Cash Tickets / TITO to System One  to the management terminal.
  • direct input of Hopper Refills to System One to the management terminal.
  • direct input of Cashier Balancing Records to System One to the management terminal.


Overall Benefits

The direct input of Cashier records to the System One management PC should save considerable time over the manual keying of individual Book Pays / Cash Tickets / Hopper Refills in to the system.

As well, the more efficient and accurate transaction and record keeping processes at the Cashier Station should also save considerable time with the cashier balancing and shift changeover functions.