System One and TITO News 16th May 2022

  • Compatible with all TITO providers – Quick Count, PVS, Ebet and IGT
  • Scan cashier TITO tickets directly in to our Cashier Station software – Automatically reads barcode, EGM number and the amount / value of the TITO ticket so no need for any typing
  • System One automatically downloads all individual EGM / Bill Acceptor TITO Tickets each day
  • System One automatically downloads all individual CRT TITO tickets each day
  • System One automatically creates CRT cashier sheet each day and automatically assigns all individual CRT tickets to the CRT shift (not bulk tickets like some other programs)
  • System One displays all redeemed TITO ticket’s including barcode, GSI / EGM number and $ amount / values
  • System One displays all open TITO ticket’s that customers have potentially taken home

Real-time Figures

With our OSS BOS Monitor and Floorplan programs track your numbers in real-time - All included in your annual maintenance fee,  just call us on 1300 130 541 to get you setup.

* Displays turnover, credits won, bills accepted, refills, coins in and coins out all in real-time on per EGM basis and gaming room totals.

* Create a floorplan / heat map that will show you the top 20%, middle 60% and bottom 20% performing EGM's in real-time

OSS Online Reports

Designed for Owners, Manager, Accountants and other people in your venue that need to access reporting figures from System One but don't need the System One program itself.

*System One automatically send's a backup to our cloud server

* All reports from System One available at a user defined time

* Access all reports from mobile phone, tablet or any other device that has internet access anytime, anywhere in the world.

Once again this is all included in your annual maintenance fee, if you or someone in your venue would like to be setup with a user name and password to access this please call us on 1300 130 541.


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