Upgrade Release Notes

System One Release

– Victoria Tax calculations

– Scheduled report for Polled Revenue

– Management Report for baking if there is more then one ATM

– Default deleting ticket set to “Yes”

– What’s hot report can now be set to having more then 5 machines

– Added a Refill box for the CRT when putting in the CRT opening and closing float

System One Release

– Update the Cashier Opening and Closing Cashier from the Strong Room

– Update Strong Room value from the Cashier

– Fixes for Quickcount for Shortpay

– Strong room will not update in Actual Count if the Bills or Coins columns value has not changed.

System One Release

– Speed up the Cashier/TITO Ticket page

– Fix the Management Report

– Spelling mistake on the GFR report

– Able to delete all Tickets from the Cashier/TITO page

System One Release

– New Game Name master list before deployment wizard is activated

– Bug Fix when GSIID is not selected in the Cashier Tickets/TITO tab

– Bug Fix for Management Report for any date

– Quickcount Short Pay’s fixed

– Automatically transfer Cashier Shift on Transfer if the date is the same as the last Meter Date

– Made the GSIID column bigger in Cashier Tickets/TITO tab

System One Release

– Master Reset automatically for TITO machine

– Cashier ticket will show Shift name instead of Shift ID

System One Release

– Fixed Intralot Voucher Reports

– Other minor fixes

System One Release

– Fixed TITO In 

– Other minor fixes

System One Release

– Patron Count Report now display’s in Weekly format

– Multi CRT’s now added in setup

– Auto Jackpot configuration on Deployment

– Fix Quickcount for Shortpay

– Other minor fixes

System One Release

– Added EFT into the Management report

– Make all new user’s able to issue cheque’s   

– Change all Ticket’s in cashier to tito if the Auth code is 18 characters long

– New check box to over ride the Cashier Ticket value with the one from the Voucher report.

– Float increase in the Strong room report

System One Release

OSS has just released the latest upgrade to System One. If System One prompts you to do an upgrade when you open the program please click on yes.

Below is the upgrade details

  • System One third party data authorisation

OSS would like permission granted from the venue to access and use your TITO data from your TITO system to reconcile TITO in System One.

  • Can the venue owner / manager please open System One and go to File and Setup.
  • Once in Setup please click on the last option which is TITO Provider Setup.
  • You will see a ‘tick box’ and a ‘signed’ box down the bottom with text that reads :

We (insert venue name) hereby authorise System One, as a third party gaming finance reconciliation system to access, collect and process data from the TITO system installed and operating in this venue.

  • Please tick the check box and type your name in the signed box.
  • Click on the OK button to exit

If you have any questions relating to the upgrade or giving System One access to the data then please do not hesitate to call us or email for a chat.